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Brochure Printing

Brochure Printing at McNeil Printing in Orem, UtahCreate a brochure that’s as unique as your business with McNeil Printing. We can print your brochure in almost any size and even die cut it to your custom shape. For brochures that fit into envelopes or racks, select a standard #10 (8.5” x 11”) trifold brochure.

We recommend printing on at least an 80# cover stock for the best results. Your brochure can be printed on uncoated cover stock or with varnish coating for a glossy finish. For the ultimate shine, select UV coating. Metallic foil stamping and spot gloss (created with selective UV coating) are great for getting attention.


We can fold your brochure almost any way you want! Get more information about our folding services.

Six Tips for Creating the Ultimate Company Brochure

  1. Set up generous margins around your text. Since your brochure will be folded, it’s important to keep a space around your important content.
  2. Make sure your most important information is on the front or center panel of the brochure. The back panel is visible while the brochure is folded, so that’s another good place for information. The last panel people look at is usually the inner flap on the far right panel, so put the least important content there.
  3. Don’t forget to include bleeds on the outer edges of your design so images, shapes, and colors will continue all the way to the edge of your brochure.
  4. Focus your content on the ways that your business will help the customer rather than on your company itself. People will only read for a few seconds, so make sure they understand the value they will receive by working with you.
  5. Be sure to include your location and contact information so that your customers can get in touch with you at their convenience. You’d be surprised how many people forget this one!
  6. Once you have your design, print it on your own printer and fold it to make sure it works the way you want before sending it to us. You might notice problems that weren’t apparent on a digital screen.